Follow These Tips to Buy A Best Baby Monitor


Nowadays, a best baby monitor has become a must-have to a great number of families as it has some magic power to make it a lot easier to take care of a baby. With such a high-tech gadget around, parents can rest assured that they will be notified in the first place when anything is going with the baby, so that they can have peace of mind when doing something else.

But how much do you know about baby monitors and what to look for when shopping one? If the answer is not much to you, then you are just in the right place. Here I will walk you through the most important features of a baby monitor so that you will have the basic ideas of them.

To make it quick for you, here is my 3 favorite baby monitors.

Sound Quality. Are you looking for an audio-only or video monitor? That doesn’t matter. The sound quality is the most important part with no doubt. The sound shall be crystal clear and loud if you want to hear everything meaningful from the nursery. Some modules come with noise eliminator that can reduce the unnecessary noise when the baby is sleeping, which will also bring peace to your ears.

Video Quality. If a video infant monitor is what your want, then pay more attention on the video clarity. Most modules have a color LCD display with high resolution. You can always see all the details of the baby on the parent unit. However, if you are not satisfied with that, a Wi-Fi baby camera like iBaby M3 or WiFi Baby 2.0 could be a nice option. This kind of products utilize your iOS or Andriod devices as monitor units so you can watch over the baby on your smartphone. Another feature that you should not overlook is the night vision mode which most video baby monitors come with. The image clarity will drop sharply in this mode. This is not a big ideal because it happens to all the modules. However, if you can view the baby clearly in that mode, then you should not buy it.

Motion detection. Though the number of babies dying from SIDS has reduced by 70% since American Academy Pediatrics’ advocation of supine sleeping of the baby, some parents still worry about this deadly threat. In that case, baby movement monitors could be an effective tool for them. They often consist of 2 part – the parent unit and the sensor pad that is used to place under the mattress. They will be able to alert you if no breathing or motion is detected for a certain period like 20 seconds. Snuza Hero movement monitor, a single unit design module, can even generate vibration to arouse the baby first after 15 seconds of quiescence of the baby. The most popular brand is Angelcare.


 Additional features. Other advanced features include but not limited to two way talk, temperature display, video recording, Wi-Fi capacity, “PTZ”(Pan, tilt and Zoom), out-of-range alarm, etc. You can keep track of your baby in a stylish way with those features. However, some of them might be bells and whistles to lots of parents, and the video baby monitors with those features are often much more pricey. 

Anyway, a best rated video or audio or movement baby monitor will fit most of your needs well. You just have to ask yourself what exactly do you need to get your parenting experience more effective. Most importantly, don’t forget to head to Amazon or Google to read how other customers reviewed the baby product you are fond of. The most valuable information are always from them.