Follow These Tips to Buy A Best Baby Monitor


Nowadays, a best baby monitor has become a must-have to a great number of families as it has some magic power to make it a lot easier to take care of a baby. With such a high-tech gadget around, parents can rest assured that they will be notified in the first place when anything is going with the baby, so that they can have peace of mind when doing something else.

But how much do you know about baby monitors and what to look for when shopping one? If the answer is not much to you, then you are just in the right place. Here I will walk you through the most important features of a baby monitor so that you will have the basic ideas of them.

According to BestBabyMonitorsWorld, a professional baby monitor blog, there are many things to consider when making your decision.

Sound Quality. Are you looking for an audio-only or video monitor? That doesn’t matter. The sound quality is the most important part with no doubt. The sound shall be crystal clear and loud if you want to hear everything meaningful from the nursery. Some modules come with noise eliminator that can reduce the unnecessary noise when the baby is sleeping, which will also bring peace to your ears.

Video Quality. If a video infant monitor is what your want, then pay more attention on the video clarity. Most modules have a color LCD display with high resolution. You can always see all the details of the baby on the parent unit. However, if you are not satisfied with that, a Wi-Fi baby camera like iBaby M3 or WiFi Baby 2.0 could be a nice option. This kind of products utilize your iOS or Andriod devices as monitor units so you can watch over the baby on your smartphone. Another feature that you should not overlook is the night vision mode which most video baby monitors come with. The image clarity will drop sharply in this mode. This is not a big ideal because it happens to all the modules. However, if you can view the baby clearly in that mode, then you should not buy it.

Motion detection. Though the number of babies dying from SIDS has reduced by 70% since American Academy Pediatrics’ advocation of supine sleeping of the baby, some parents still worry about this deadly threat. In that case, baby movement monitors could be an effective tool for them. They often consist of 2 part – the parent unit and the sensor pad that is used to place under the mattress. They will be able to alert you if no breathing or motion is detected for a certain period like 20 seconds. Snuza Hero movement monitor, a single unit design module, can even generate vibration to arouse the baby first after 15 seconds of quiescence of the baby. The most popular brand is Angelcare.


 Additional features. Other advanced features include but not limited to two way talk, temperature display, video recording, Wi-Fi capacity, “PTZ”(Pan, tilt and Zoom), out-of-range alarm, etc. You can keep track of your baby in a stylish way with those features. However, some of them might be bells and whistles to lots of parents, and the video baby monitors with those features are often much more pricey. 

Anyway, a best rated video or audio or movement baby monitor will fit most of your needs well. You just have to ask yourself what exactly do you need to get your parenting experience more effective. Most importantly, don’t forget to head to Amazon or Google to read how other customers reviewed the baby product you are fond of. The most valuable information are always from them.

Why Do You need a baby monitor?

do you need a baby monitorMaybe you have think about why would you purchase motion baby monitor or an audio? I imply some mothers invest practically 24 hours a day with her infant feeding her, taking care of her, holding her in the arms and even viewing her sleep. Exists no inspiration to use a cordless electronic toddler check to check her for 24 hours in situations such as this? We never ever believed that is right, due to the reality a suitable infant monitor can truly conserve your ass when you possibly dealing with some other house work or are attempting to take a rest throughout the routine time. Let’s discuss how does a baby monitor works.

Sound baby monitor or a suitable video is typically the most crucial condition-of-the-art patient device that they get. You have the capability to inspect the movement or breath whenever the child is in bed, baby monitors might have some significant problems, such as bad signal and disruption.

Disruption is an increasing concern, as you most likely currently have other hi-tech items in your home. You might discover problems in between 2.4GHz wireless cellphone or the infant monitor and your 900MHz, Wi-fi house network, even the next door next-door neighbor’s devices and gadgets.

Ensure You opt for a baby monitor that is really totally various from your existing cordless gizmos. The most recent gadget, sound monitor and Angelcare AC401 movement, utilizes DECT to allow it to be interference-free. Functions automated communication channel selection, to guarantee that strange individuals are unable to sleuth on your video and sound feed as well it, plus this system includes night vision mode, also.

If you desire an truthfully advanced infant monitor, think about having a wifi camcorder and catch it as much as your iPhone. It is a fantastic repair to disturbance issue, furthermore numerous good functions, like PTZ, movement detectors, 2 method talk, are routinely consisted of. Nevertheless, the most pleasurable part is users are enabled to view the toddlers’ video right from any or the office where on the earth!

Mother and fathers should comprehend that AAP has actually nevered suggested as they have not been shown to do the technique, any infant activity monitor to avoid SIDS. Nevertheless, I state screw that. 2 years back when my more youthful child remains at his twelve months, I practically lost him. It had been an excellent baby product that conserved the life of him. I’ve got an audio alert within the morning so I found that he just stopped breathing and check on him. Thank god! I discovered him in time so that I might took him to the medical facility. So based on my knowledge, I’d definetely suggest a baby movement monitor!

Tips on Choosing The Most Suitable Stroller

As you may know, a stroller is so important for new moms. However, which kind is satisfied for your kids? This may be the initial question you should ask yourself. For instance, in the event you have got twins, then your alongside types are the most appropriate. Besides, the age difference may also determine the kind more or less. To put it differently, in the event the big brother is more than his sister, then it’s best sit and stand stroller that is double or to really go for a tandem.

Here are some essential thing to consider about a stroller

Are your kids fit in it? Never forget to take a look at minimal weight limits and the maximum of the product you’re reviewing. For the utmost weight recommendation, most parents will favor the one which will continue for some time as the kids grow. What’s more significant is to ensure that there’s sufficient space for feet and their heads if they’re not short, to make sure the relaxation of them.

Where are you going to make use of the double stroller often? Do you shop often in smaller stores with narrow doorways or large malls with entryways that are broad? All-terrain double strollers with 3 wheels can however provide you with a comfortable ride and shoving ease when on grass or the beach.

Is it true that the handle bar suit your height? That is kind of the lesson from me. I wound up understanding the frozen handle made me uneasy because I’m a little over average, as soon as I got my first double stroller. Your best bet is in the event you’re great with some additional cost, togo for that one with adjustable handlebars. Besides, cushioned handle bars allow it to be simpler to shove them and cozy.

double stroller tips

About your strength? There are many bulky double strollers, as you may already understand.
Might it be safe for your kids? Can the brakes readily use with only one hand or foot? Might it be secure enough to prevent rollover? Are the straps sufficient to maintain your babies or young children safe? Can you expand the sun canopies to keep rain and the sun further away from your baby?

For more information about stroller tips, you can visit 

Samsung SEW-3037 Video baby monitor Review

Why Did I buy this Samsung Baby Monitor

 Samsung baby monitor I used to buy a Motorola MBP36 video baby monitor, and it broke down last month. I’ve to express the MBP36 is a very good digital unit until it’s damaged. Motorola’s online customer service is completely terrible, the worse part is they’ll change your broken baby monitoring device with another damaged one. I eventually was unhappy with them and chose to seek another baby video monitor. I got the news that Samsung recently launched its new baby video monitor, and so I gave the Samsung SEW-3037 baby monitor a shot.

Between 3036 and 3037 units, the cost diverse is about $40 and that is the cost for scan and tilt and night-light vision. However, the parent device of both 3036 and 3037 have much the same design, button lay out, and operation. In 3037′s item description, it promoted as far as 800 feet protection when the 3036 has only 800-foot protection. But in my experience, it makes no difference.

Comparison Between 3037 and 3036

Button layout of this Samsung Baby safety product is way a lot better than 3036 since whenever you try to control the digital infant camera, the 3036 will provide you with a difficult experience since navigation management is found within the left-part. I as usually confused with down and up buttons, and correct and remaining (base two buttons). Besides, the 3037′s navigation control is round-shape that is fairly easy for managing pan and tilt camera . Obviously, for managing the camera unit, the 3037 unit is way more better.

Due to relaxed and invisible IR display, the 3037 unit seems better than 3036 in this mode.

The truth of sound level is similar between them, but the 3037 unit has VOX attribute that I really enjoy. I don’t understand why the 3036 doesn’t have this great feature when there is no sound from the baby room. Furthermore, volume control within the evening with 3036 provides you with much discomfort because you have to feel the main menu to change it. However, the 3037′s volume control button is situated on monitoring unit’s left-side that will be very handy at night.

Turning speed and position is similar. 3037 digital camera has much more professional looking. However, 3037 has night light which may be switched on or removed from the parent unit.


All in all, this Samsung baby monitor is a great choice for any family with budget. It comes with so many useful features to help you  watch over your baby. There is no obvious flaws of it. You can go to Amazon to check out more information.

Don’t make these mistakes when feeding your baby


Give in to his/her Demands

You likely understand a child who’ll just eat foods that are white (popcorn, milk, white bread, and so forth) or who just eats foods that are smooth. The parent who gives into the demand drives, in part, those eating habits. Extend your child’s culinary repertoire by supplying a menu that is more varied – when they resist and standing firm. Offer among the foods they enjoy, and several of a kind that is different. (See 3 and Mistakes #2 for back up on this!)

Do not Let Your Child Support Fix Dinner

Let us face it – you are not idle. Running into dinnertime is a contest from the time and it’s not simply more difficult to make dinner yourself. Easier is worse, yet. Studies show that when kids take part in fixing a meal, they may be more inclined to attempt the foods they made. Give your kids simple tasks when they’re not old – setting grape tomatoes in a salad, for instance – and slowly enable them more duty in the kitchen. Not only are you going to teach your kids skills that are valuable, you will be helping them be more inclined to attempt different foods and research the culinary world.

Anxiety about Weight

Dieting isn’t always a bad thing. But your kids pick on your eating habits – bad or good – and will reproduce them. If you’re always obsessing over the foods and weight that you consume, your child will mimic that behaviour too. Concentrate instead on physical activity and healthy eating as a family. Not just will your family learn eating habits that are beneficial, you will all be more healthy.

Become a Short Order Cook

The initial inclination would be to get up and repair them something else, when your child says they do not enjoy what you have mended. But that places you in the job of a personal chef and establishes a poor precedent because of their eating habits. When they do not enjoy what you have mended for dinner, offer small amounts of each dish to them, and excuse them in the table when they do n’t need to eat. Do not be rocked by shouting and claims of starvation – when they can have breakfast they’ll live until morning. The lesson will be learned fast: you eat what’s on the table.


You would like your kids to consume vegetables, but providing them a bribe (“If you consume all of your peas it is possible to see TV”, i.e.) to make it occur can backfire. Offer your kid helpings of vegetables that are new, but do not press it to attempt. Once the food is tried by them, then lose the issue and offer another helping. When your kids do n’t need to attempt it, do not stress. Keep the food in your spinning and bring out it . Foods might need to be offered up to your child to 10 times before it will be tried by them.

Infant Optics DXR-5 Infant Video Monitor Review

The Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4Ghz video baby monitor is the kind that you don’t want to miss. Why is that? It provides great features to make your parenting life much simpler. It is even better than some high priced  unit in some respects, like its battery life. Read this review and you will love it.

infant optics dxr-5

Great video quality

I am really excited by the good quality of video and sound feed for this price. I’d claim they are awesome assuming I hadn’t been checking other baby monitors with perfect sound and video quality.  Actually, you won’t desire HD video footage to watch the baby in the crib. You need to see whether his eyes are open or closed, if he’s moving about, as well as whether a knee is stuck in the bar of the bed. One will be able to observe all of these stuff just fine with this Infant Optics baby monitor.

Other useful features

An added function is actually the capacity to add up to 4 cams, which makes it possible for you to supervise multiple kids at a time. Furthermore various other high-end video baby monitors’ cameras usually cost more in comparison with DXR-5.

You are not going to see way too many additional sophisticated features on this video monitor, but that doesn’t matter a lot to me. As a fundamental video monitor, one will not require much more than audio, video, and a decent broadcasting coverage. However, this baby monitor also has some great additional features and functions
The standby mode is yet another valuable feature. In this mode, the video and sound of the parent unit shut off. But once any sound is detected by the video camera, the electrical circuit will certainly get back to function. The device could recovery from this mode when you play lullabies in the baby room. Assuming you often calm the babe to sleep by playing soft music, this could possibly become a small problem.


An small issue I have about this video monitor is that the battery size it uses is not standard. However, the main problem I’ve uncovered of the DXR-5 baby monitor is it generates beeps when it enters standby mode. That is sort of bothersome in the middle of the night. The good thing is that the issue has been fixed in DXR-8.
This baby video monitor is an amazing solution to you assuming you just don’t want to invest much funds on such a thing.As a basic video baby monitor which won’t hurt your wallet, this is definitely the ideal choice for you. It is certainly not expensive compared to a top rated sound infant monitor. This monitor has actually gotten very good product reviews on Amazon Online Marketplace.

The Infant Optics DXR-5 is pretty good, but the latest version DXR-8 is even better. It is the first baby monitor that provide optical zoom feature. It is also appealing and versatile. Click here to read the review of DXR-8.

3 best wifi baby monitor in 2014

Wifi Baby monitors allow you to watch over your baby in a streamlined way, which means you can monitor your baby on your iPhone or iPad device from anywhere you are. Parents who have to hire a nanny to take care of their infant could use them as a nanny cam to make sure their baby are given proper care.

However, a wifi baby monitor is always expensive. You could waste hundreds of bucks if you don’t have any idea of what a quality internet baby monitor is. So in this review I will recommend 3 best wifi baby monitor to you guys. They all have great reputation on the market.

Dropcam Pro

iBaby M3

It is the most affordable unit on my list, but you will be surprised by what it is capable of. Priced at less than $150, it is built for your iOS. It comes with pan, tilt and zoom capacities, which means that you can remotely control to see each corner of the room. It is pretty useful for those who have a toddler at home.

The video quality is amazing, and the sound is crystal clear. what is more, you can even talk to your baby on your iPhone, though you need to plug an extra speaker on the camera. If you don’t have much budget, this one is the right choice for you.

WiFi Baby 3

It is the update of WiFi Baby 2.0. It will cost you about $250, which is really expensive. However, all the advanced features of it will prove that it is worth it. Click here to read the review of it.

The video quality is good, and it also has a noise eliminator to filter the white noise. By plugging in a SD card, you could record HD video feed. Some parents use this feature as a nanny cam. Besides, it is compatible with different types of digital device – iOS, Andriod, MAC and PC. Amazing, huh?

However, as a high-end video baby monitor it surprisingly lacks two-way talk and PTZ abilities. You also need to pay extra dollars for the App.

If you are not the budget-minded, why not give it a shot?

Dropcam pro HD camera

This digital Wifi camera offers a real HD video feed. The picture is so crystal. The shape is pretty cool. It is as versatile as WiFi Baby 3. But the only problem is that if you want to use the cloud service, you will need to pay more than $100 per year. Personally, I prefer local video recording that WiFi Baby 3 provides. Click here to read the whole review.

The latest video baby monitor from Google – Motorola MBP36

With the new Motorola MBP36 Digital video baby monitor, you can just rest assured that the baby is sleeping safely. This way you could have more peace of mind. The unit taps into 2.4Ghz FHSS technology to make sure the audio is crystal clear, so you will feel okay even the baby cries out loud for food or diaper changing. You can view every details on the 3.5″ LCD screen clearly. With the night vision mode, there is no need to turn on the light to check in on the baby in the night. Besides, the reception range is up to two hundred meters with an out of range alert.  Let me walk you through some amazing features of it.

Bigger LCD display than MBP33

Motorola has enlarged the LCD screen in the newest version so that you could have the real-time visual information of what is going on in the nursery. The video feed is up to 25 FPS, which is quite screaming. You don’t have to keep a night light on in the baby room at night to watch over him because of the useful night vision mode.

Follow your toddlers

The MBP36 is a real ‘PTZ’ baby monitor which allows to remotely move the camera around via the parent unit to track your toddler in the play room. But the zoom feature is kind of hype, because it is digital zoom essentially. So you will lose clarity of the picture when you do that.

Built-in Lullabies

There are 5 lullabies in it. So you can choose any of them to lull your little one to sleep remotely. It could be a great tool when you are too tired to move sometimes. However, some customers complained that the sound quality is not that good.

Sound-Activated indicator

There are 5 LED lights on the parent unit to tell the noise level of the nursery. When you stand in a noisy environment, it could be hard to hear the baby via monitor unit. So that when this feature comes to help.

Temperature Monitoring

As you know, it is really important to keep the nursery comfortable. It can’t be too cold or too hot, or your infant would suffer a higher risk of SIDS.

The MBP36 comes with a digital thermometer to report the temperature of the room. You can easily read the data via parent unit. Personally, I love this feature.


How to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as SIDS, refers to sudden and unexpected death of newborn infants. It mainly happens when the baby is asleep in his crib.

Mimo Baby Monitor

What are primarily responsible for it?

Sadly, no one can figure it out exactly the main reasons of this disease, and so many factors and involved – environment, family disease history and even race. More often, infants between 2 and 4 months suffer a higher risk of SIDS. Surprisingly, race is playing an important part in this. That being said, the chance of it a white child faces is half of a black kid.

Other factors include but not limited to poor medical care during pregnancy, premature birth, drugs, smoke, alcohol, overheating in the nursery, tummy sleeping, etc.

Are there any methods to prevent it?

The way your baby sleeps plays a huge part on this. You might be surprised by the fact that the rate of SIDS has dropped by more than 50% since the advocate of supine started by AAP. So train him to sleep on his back to prevent suffocation or other breathing issues. In case that your baby got gastroesophageal reflux disease, and you have to let him sleep on his belly, always ask the doctor for advice first

You should dress your infant with light clothes so that you won’t overheat him. The nursery should be kept comfortable, which means always keep the air flowing. The baby should sleep on a firm mattress, and no bumper pads or pillows should be left in the crib.

Make sure both the mother and the baby are in a great shape by giving them the right prenatal care before the baby is born. Do the check-ups on schedule, which will prevent small issues from growing. It is very critical to live a healthy life during pregnancy. Stay away from alcohol, drugs, smoke or second smoke, or any kind of chemical substances for interior decoration which could cause the infant to be deformity.

Use a baby movement monitor or heart rate monitor to keep track of your baby’s activity or breathing. Baby product like Angelcare or Snuza Hero baby monitor is a good choice to keep your baby safe. Though those devices can 100% prevent SIDS, but they do offer you time to handle the dangerous situation.








Baby monitor safety tips.


A baby  monitor should be used to ensure your baby’s safety. However, you might be surprised by the fact that it can also hurt or even kill your baby. It happens each year. So what you should do to prevent that? Here are some small tips:

  • Place the camera unit at least 3 feet way from the crib.
  • Never place the camera on the edge on the crib.

Yes, babies are always curious about everything, and they be reach out for things which are beyond your imagination sometimes. In those accidents, babies played with the baby monitor cords and got stuck in them, which caused them to die or injury. Just follow these 2 simple tips and you can avoid that potential danger.


Top 3 Video Baby Monitors 2014

Hi, guys. I have picked out 3 top rated baby monitors from Amazon as recommendations. The result is based on both the price and performance. Our goal is to help you find the module that suits you the best. So here we go.

best video baby monitor

1. Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4GHz video baby monitor

Parents have the reason the be crazy about it, because of its great performance and super affordable price. It comes with amazing video clarity at this price, and the battery life is really long.(up to 12 hours.) Though it does not have much extra features, it will definitely meet most of your parenting needs with its useful basic functions.

click here to read the review of Infant Optics DXR-5.

star ratings: 5

2. Snuza Hero baby movement monitor

Why does it beat the other popular brand – Angelcare? Mostly because this little gadget generates fewer false alarms. You can attach it to the baby’s diaper to keep track of breathing and movement of the baby. If no movement is detected for 20 seconds, you will get a sound alert. It is just reliable.

star ratings: 4.5

3 . WiFi Baby 2.0 (2014 vesion)

If you want to supervise your little one from the office or any other place in the world, then this one could be a nice option. It is compatible with most of your digital devices – iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, etc. You can even record the video so that there is no way to miss your baby’s first walk. However, it loses a point on its high price.

star ratings: 4.0